Vallformosa is a company that cares about the environment, and it is proactive in improving the environmental management of its activities. In fact, it pioneered the implementation of environmental measures and was one of the first companies to install its own biological wastewater treatment plant. Furthermore, Vallformosa uses low density (lighter than normal) bottles that save raw materials and reduce CO2 during transport, both for the glass processing plant and the final consumer. Vallformosa is a company that is working to reduce its CO2 emissions.


Together with Retecork and the Catalan Cork Institute, Vallformosa is committed to using cork as a natural, sustainable and renewable material and the best closing system that exists in terms of quality, the environment and functionality. Vallformosa is committed to collecting and storing all of the corks used internally for later delivery to Retecork for recycling. Vallformosa has also established itself as a new collection point for corks, taking advantage of its range of activities related to the world of wine and cava.

Vallformosa participated along with other wineries to develop a methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of the organization. This tool, developed within the program for innovation must serve as the standard for the sector to be able to measure the carbon footprint of the organization.

Vallformosa has participated in a feasibility study on the implementation in the wine sector, the use of geothermal energy as an alternative technology for the production of hot / cold.

Vallformosa been working on a feasibility study to separate the crowns of the shutters during disgorgement, in order to raise the profile of waste generated and maximize segregation thereof.

Vallformosa has changed the wine storage system to reduce the environmental impacts during the aging process and aging of cava. The new system is made by plastic trays which can increase the life of the separators and thus reduce waste generation as cardboard (-15%), glass (-29%) and plastic (-11%). Also, the best arrangement of bottles obtained with the new system reduces the number of breaks occurring during aging.

Vallformosa size bottles incorporating their youngest child, DERMA capsules that reduce a total of 11.56% of gCO2 eq per capsule produced due to production processes and materials.


Masia Vallformosa determines the limits and applicability of the environmental management system as follows:

  • All the products made in the facilities of Vilobí del Penedès.
  • All production processes of the product and the facilities and machinery used by them.
  • General facilities necessary for the good operation of the winery. (offices, commercial, marketing, laboratories ...)
  • Storage facilities of raw material, process material and finished product owned by Vallformosa.
  • Control of the use of authorized phytosanitary products by viticulturists. (field book).
  • Reception of grapes and related services.
  • Waste coming from the facilities of Masia Vallformosa.
  • Resources at the facilities of Masia Vallformosa (water, electricity, petroleum products).
  • Waste water.
  • Other elements that may affect the Environment (noises, lightings, emissions into the atmosphere, spills on the ground).
  • Derivative activities of third parties that work in the facilities of Masia Vallformosa.
  • Any activity or service provided by Masia Vallformosa, affected by any legal requirement linked to the Environment.
  • Any situation of emergency that may affect the environment derived from the activity of Masia Vallformosa in the facilities of Vilobí del Penedès.